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Dr. Stierle-Lee, Hyerim

It's me

She is an abstract expressionist painter. She was born and raised in South Korea but now lives and works in Germany. She received a Bachelor's degree in Theater, a Masters in Arts Management and Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction and Digital Culture in South Korea.

During and after her undergraduate studies, she worked for theaters and an opera house as a set designer. Especially, she was immersed herself in psychological and emotional factors in drama play. Thus she managed to combine with emotional cues and psychological effect to set design.

During the Ph.D. period, she focused on the psychosocial factors and therapeutic effects of human beings. Her research interests were encompassed and informed by theatre studies, literary and philosophical studies, psychotherapy, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, mental health, and so on.

She was passionate with writing academic research papers and enjoyed it very much. She believed that she could fine some meaningful phenomena through her research which she could apply to her artworks. Based on her previous experiences, she now combines her ideas and concepts and expresses them through her paintings. Her artworks mainly include emotional expression inspired by her dedication to the spirit world and academic findings from her past research.



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