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Art Exhibition

Welcome to my art world

“To me art is a meaningful spiritual journey

by pursuing my dramatic imagination

by reflecting aesthetics of emotions

by seeking what sets my soul on fire.”

Art Gallery

International Art Exhibition

- Christmas art exhibition, “Ein träumerischer Ort in meinen Gedanken Series”, Atelier Gleis 3, Galerie Märzhase in den Güterhallen Solingen, Alexander-Coppel-Str. 36-38, Solingen, Germany, 18.11-25.12.2023.

- Video art exhibitIon in Times Square New York, “Panta Rhei Series”, Manhattan, New York City, United States, 20.11.2023.

- Internatonal Contemporary Art Exhibiton, “INCUBO D'ARTISTA”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Spain


- Art exhibition, Kunstmeile 2023, Kunst und offene Ateliers quer durch, Gerresheimer Landstraße 76, Düsseldorf, Germany, 21.10. 2022-22.10.2022.

- Art exhibition, Seven drops of hope, Galerie Märzhase in den Güterhallen Solingen, Germany, 08.07-23.07.2023.

- Contemporary art exhibitions, AVANT-GARDE, VAN GOGH art gallery, Madrid, Spain, 01.12-15.12.2022.

- Contemporary art exhibitions, Connections, VAN GOGH art gallery, Madrid, Spain, 14.11-29.11.2022.

- International Contemporary Art Fair Paris 2022, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, 23.09-25.09.2022.

- Art exhibition, New is Coming, Venus art gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 01.09-12.09.2022.

- Art exhibition, GabAni art gallery, Herrenberg, Germany, 04.11-06.30. 2022.

- Art exhibition, Kunst-Zeit im Hofgarten, Solingen, Germany, 01.02-28,02, 2022.

- International Contemporary Art exhibition, SACRIFICE 2021, MADS art gallery, Milano, Italy, 16.12-23.12.2021.


- Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, Major of Set Design and Technology

- Master of Arts Management, Major of Performing Arts Management

- Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction and Digital Culture

- A published author in international academic journals (South Korea, USA, the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.)

- Honored with Excellent Paper Awards many times (from national and international academic conferences)

- Best Paper Nominations two times in a row (in the USA), and academic scholarships (South Korea and Germany)

- Granted the Award for Excellent Researcher by the Minister of Education and the Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea in 2016

Art Gallery
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