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The Glory 2023

Panta rhei serie

80 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas


In this vibrant tapestry of acrylic hues, I've channeled raw emotion and the indomitable spirit of nature's forces. Vivid oranges and yellows cascade against a deep blue backdrop, embodying a fiery dance of creation and transformation. Each stroke represents life's fervor and the echoes of celestial wonders. Let this piece ignite a passionate energy in your space, resonating with the essence of the untamed universe.


Vermietung möglich
Dauer: 1-12 Monate
Monatlicher Preis: 400€ 
(nach 12 Monaten ist das Bild abbezahlt und geht in ihren Besitz über)

[Panta rhei] The Glory 2023