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Vortex 2023

Panta Rhei Serie


A vortex is a powerful phenomenon that is believed to be a swirling center of energy with the potential to produce a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual effects. It is believed that these vortexes are able to enhance meditation, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.


Acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm


Vermietung möglich
Dauer: 1-12 Monate
Monatlicher Preis: 350€ 
(nach 12 Monaten ist das Bild abbezahlt und geht in ihren Besitz über)


- Rental available 


Artwork rentals are only available for residential collectors in Germany. Collectors who wish to rent artworks can email

[Panta Rhei] Vortex 2023

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